Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser Status Worksheet

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+44 (0) 207 601 7100 FUNDRAISING STATUS WORKSHEET Thoughts on how to make your good fundraisers, great ones. A Blackbaud worksheet to help you plan and check that your peer-to-peer fundraising event can be a success. What is your event ask? Using previous examples, note down some of the main asks your organisation has used in communications to event participants. How often are you explaining why the funds need to be raised? Show off your mission and be proud of the excellent work your non-profit carries out. Are you using jargon in your fundraising communications? Hey! It's hard enough to get used to all the jargon your office uses, now imagine being a fundraiser and seeing charity-jargon that you aren't used to – it may be intimidating to them. Use your colleagues and note down the jargon you may be using – it could surprise you.

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