3 quick tips for unlocking your corporate giving potential

Corporate philanthropy is on the rise, with an overwhelming 80% of businesses now more, or much more actively engaged in addressing ESG issues because of Covid-19 (C&E Corporate-NGO Partnerships Barometer 2020)

So how can you make sure to stay ahead of the curve with this rising trend? The answer is to listen to your employees and engage them in every aspect of your giving programs. This blog breaks down 3 secrets to unlocking your company's giving potential and offers quick tips to kickstart your CSR program's initiatives.

  1. Make giving an integral part of your culture

  • It starts from the top so it's imperative you get your CEO and senior leadership team on board
  • Seek feedback from your employees on how they want to engage and what causes they care about
  • Incorporate your own uniqueness into giving programmes
  • Push culture that reflects the values and mission that attracted employees to your company
  • Create a strategy to support your giving programme and make sure it fits with existing operations/resources
  • Ask employees to nominate a favourite community cause/campaign
  1. Communicate communicate communicate

The two main reasons why employees don’t give:

  1. Employees aren’t asked
  2. Employees don’t know how

Communicate early, often and with a mixture of face to face and online channels.

  1. Measure impact and share

  • Have a system in place that allows for accurate reporting and tracking
  • Show impact stories to attract more employee support
  • Effectively communicate the desired outcomes of the programme and steps for involvement
  • Track metrics that include things such as employee participation rates, money raised and time donated
  • Companies find success when they support and reward their employees for personal volunteer activities or recognise each other for good social impact work
  • Creating a matching gift programme shows employees your company’s tangible commitment to the cause
  • Show collective impact - the more change employees feel they can make, 

Originally created and published by our colleagues at YourCause.

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