3 simple steps to get more Gift Aid donations

March 12, 2019 George Waters

Last year the UK government estimated that charities lost out on an astonishing £600m, due to unticked Gift Aid boxes. This equates to about a third of all eligible donations made to UK charities!

And with overall donations decreasing in the UK last year, Gift Aid has become an even more important aspect of charities fundraising initiatives. But despite this, only 26% in a survey said they had a ‘good understanding’ of what Gift Aid is and the benefits it provides to charities.

Clearly, there’s a misunderstanding by UK donors on the benefits of Gift Aid. We’re going to look at some of the ways you maximise your Gift Aid claim in 2019.  

Train your volunteers on the importance of Gift Aid

The lifeblood of charities is their volunteers. These individuals help to run charity shops up-and-down UK highstreets, and withstand the most challenging weather conditions for public fundraising. But are these volunteers a cause for missed Gift Aid opportunities?

When charity volunteers join, they’re usually given basic operational training and overview of the charity. But it’s often the case that little attention is given to training them on what Gift Aid is and its importance. 

Making sure your volunteers can articulate the benefits of Gift Aid will lead to potential donors being better informed and more likely to tick that box.

Promote the benefits of Gift Aid

Let’s face it, Gift Aid isn’t the most exciting part of the charity sector non-profit. Talking about reclaiming tax is always going to be less exciting than something like the Ice Bucket Challenge.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of more love. If it received more promotion, then more donors would be willing to become a Gift Aid donor.  

See it as an opportunity to educate your donor base and supporters through your promotional channels. Whether its social media, email or newsletters, if you talk to your donors about the outcomes Gift Aid then they’ll be more willing next time they come around to donating.

Prepare your charity for Gift Aid

Research has shown that over half of charities choose not to claim Gift Aid, due to it being a complicated and admin heavy process.  Many charities struggle with maintaining documentation to support claims, and many declarations are often lost or damaged when it comes around to an audit.

Just like you should be investing in your volunteers, you should also be investing in the resources to process Gift Aid as efficiently as possible to make sure you don’t miss out on any extra funding you could be receiving.

If you don’t have the resources to be processing Gift Aid in-house, you can always outsource the heavy lifting to a third party. Better yet, if you’re an eTapestry or Raiser’s Edge customer you’re able to get Gift Aid services which connects your claims directly with your donor contacts. This saves you time and reduces administration by digitising all your claims, allowing you to pull reports and ensure your never miss out of any extra funding you could be getting.

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