3 Top Tips to Improve your Online Fundraising

March 4, 2019 Louise Sparks

Our latest research shows that online giving is on the up – in 2018 online giving in the UK increased by 5.5%. And 2019 is already looking set to be an equally is not even more successful year, with the Blackbaud Giving Index showing online giving is up 6.2% in January.

So, if you’re not already on board with this increasingly successful trend – or you want to know how to make your organisation’s fundraising even more effective, here are three simple ways you can increase online giving:

1.Build a well-designed online donation form

Keep your online donation form to twelve fields or less. Ensure it is fully optimised for use on mobile devices and tablets. And test it on multiple devices and browsers to ensure every donor, especially your older donors, will be able to easily complete their online donation.

2.Continue to invest in off-line fundraising programmes

There have been a few purely online campaigns that were successful. The Ice Bucket Challenge a couple of years ago is probably the most famous – but trying to recreate this kind of success would be almost impossible. The Ice Bucket Challenge wasn’t instigated by the charity it raised money for, but by individuals who cared about the cause. Instead of trying to repeat this rare event, you should brainstorm ways you can genuinely connect with your donors. The fastest growing age demographic on social media is 55+ and it’s these older donors who are also increasingly making donations online as they become entirely comfortable with technology. Although it may seem illogical, to increase your online giving you should to continue to invest in direct mail and other traditional sources of fundraising revenue. Yes, you should be sending regular e-mails. And yes, you should post regular updates to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. The more integrated the messaging across channels, the better fundraising results you will see. But you shouldn’t re-allocate all of your resources to online just because that’s your fastest growing revenue channel.

3.Focus on donor stewardship

Whether it’s an online or offline donation, great donor stewardship is critical. Donors have more choices than ever to whom they can direct their donations, so it’s important that your organisation stands out. Thank donors for every gift they make and always be sure that donors know what impact their donation has made. A CRM solution is a vital piece of the jigsaw – online donations appear to be the way forward but cultivating relationships and future-proofing your donor relationships will be more effective if you have a reliable fundraising solution doing the hard work behind the scenes.

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