4 ways social media can help your charity in 2017

February 13, 2017 fundcouk

Of 60 million internet users in the UK in 2016, 42 million of them were active users of social media. That’s an increase of 11% on the year before. And It means having a presence on social media is now essential. Find out how your charity can use social media in 2017.


Even if you don’t have a social media presence, the people who support you probably do – and they’re using it to ask their friends and family for help with their fundraising.


Those are conversations you need to be part of. So here’s our 4 top tips for using social media in 2017.


1. Building relationships

When it comes to social media, the name is on the tin. It’s about being social; connecting with people, brands and organisations so that you can build relationships.


And we know that building relationships is key to building long-term support for your cause.


What social media empowers you to do is create a community of like-minded people. So you can reach out to new donors through the people who care about the same things you do.


The real power of social media is creating content that this community can share. For example, Facebook’s latest news feed update means that posts from friends are prioritised over adverts and brand pages.


So if you can get your existing supporters sharing, you’ll increase your visibility dramatically.


2. Connect with people on their terms

At the end of 2013, there were more mobile devices on planet earth than there were people. And what’s the most popular use of these mobile devices? Well, after checking emails, social media is right up there at the top.


Last year, 37 million people in the UK alone were active users of social media on mobile. What’s more, we know when they’re spending time on social media.


The most popular times are during weekday evenings, over lunchtime, and on Wednesday to Friday in general. Simply put, when people aren’t working, or when they’re tired of working, they’re on social media.


You need to be available for your supporters at a time that suits them and on a device of their choosing. And that’s exactly what social media lets you do.


3. It’s a brand new audience for you

Last year, The Children’s Society realised that their core donor base was typically an older demographic. That’s not surprising when you consider their work with children resonates best with parents and grandparents.


But social media allowed them to reach our beyond their historic supporter base. They capitalised on the ‘shareability’ Facebook gave them. It let them able to speak to a younger audience and introduce fundraising to a new audience through a light-hearted and engaging campaign.


Their first Facebook campaign brought in over £10,000 in fundraising. And the people that donated the money? Over 75% of them were aged 25 and under.


4. Integrate with your software

We already know that social media channels are combining with each other. In 2014 Facebook bought Whatsapp, having already bought Instagram in 2012. And Google bought YouTube all the way back in 2006.


But now technology companies are buying social media channels directly, with LinkedIn being bought by Microsoft last month. We don’t really know what this means just yet, but it’s likely you’ll be able to connect your Microsoft Office apps directly with your LinkedIn followers – so they can see exactly what you’re working on.


All of this means it’s more important than ever to find your supporters on social media.


Thankfully, building these connections doesn’t need to be hard work. With software like eTapestry and everydayhero, you can start to reach out to your donors, the people who support them and even keep track of all your interactions with them.


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