A Look Back at 2018 – Top Tips of the Year

December 10, 2018 Louise Sparks

As the year draws to a close, it gives us prime opportunity to look back and focus on some of the most useful and interesting content from 2018.

A Focus on GDPR

One of the hottest topics and the thing on everyone’s lips during the first half of the year, was GDPR. The new data regulations were introduced on 25th May, and as fundraisers, data managers and generally the whole of the sector desperately prepared for the big change that ensued, we called on the opinions and advice from a range of experts. Our eBook, ‘A Focus on GDPR’ was published in April, and featured these key pieces of information:

  • “If we keep the donor at the heart of what we do, make sure we’re thinking about their expectations and experience, keeping them informed and giving them choices and control, we’ll be fundraising long after GDPR.”
  • “In many ways, GDPR is simply requiring that which should probably already be common practice. Years of research shows that supporters to charities want to be engaged and stewarded in ways that create mutually beneficial relationships. Treat everyone the same and supporters lose their connection to the organisation. Fail to respect the wishes of supporters and the relationship is irreparably harmed.”
  • “The post-GDPR world will also accelerate a shift in our thinking about the collection, management, use, and destruction of data. Data, as it turns out, is not just some ephemeral collection of bits that have little value. Instead, data is just as dynamic as the living organisms it represents. Data is going to change, grow, and thrive in ways we cannot always predict.”

You can download the full eBook by clicking here.

The Status of UK Fundraising 2018 Benchmark Report

In July we released the findings of an in-depth survey we carried out with the Institute of Fundraising. Over 800 non-profit organisations took part and answered questions about their CRM and data habits, fundraising activities and their digital processes. The resulting report gave a comprehensive and interesting overview of the sector as it stands in 2018, including statistics such as:

  • “89% of charities feel that more than ever, they need to demonstrate the impact made towards their mission. Charities and Higher Education Institutes do not expect to see significant drops in donor retention and fundraising however they are aware of growing pressure to demonstrate impact.”
  • “Although almost all charities have a website, 17% of charities don’t have the ability to donate through their website.”

You can read the full report by clicking here.

End-of-Year Fundraising Toolkit

Seasoned fundraisers will be well-aware that December is an important month for non-profits. In 2015, the percentage of giving in December held steady for the second straight year at 17.4%, by far the largest month in terms of distribution of giving. To help organisations make the most of this concentrated rise in charitable giving, we created the End-of-Year Toolkit full of tips and tricks. The whole toolkit is an essential piece of reading, with top advice including:

  • Get organisational buy-in. Build a coalition across leadership and your board that is committed to supporting the process. Educate them on the importance of end-of-year giving and the connection between this time of year and your organisation’s financial success.
  • Clean up your database and test your messaging. Ensure that your database is ready for analytics by cleaning up your records and updating contact information. Consider testing out more advanced analytics to help you pinpoint the best prospects to target at year-end.

Take a look at the toolkit by clicking here.

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