How to attract more donors with the content marketing fundraising funnel

Charlie Davenport

Attracting and retaining new donors to your cause is an essential part of growing any non-profit organisation. Throughout the years, various methods have been employed to acquire new prospects, including direct mail, face-to-face, telephone marketing, advertising, events etc.

While each of these methods has its merits, they can also feel intrusive and aggressive to potential donors, and will lead to quick drop-off rates if the donor isn’t fully ‘on-board’.

Fortunately, in the digital age, there’s another approach that’s working wonders for many leading non-profits … and much smaller ones too.

It’s called content marketing.

Content Marketing for Non-Profits

In a nutshell, content marketing for non-profits looks like this:

  • ATTRACT more attention for your cause through engaging and share-worthy content.
  • ENGAGE visitors to your site and build your mailing list with a compelling offer
  • CONVERT prospects through automated email series and effective landing pages
  • NURTURE long-term relationships through ongoing content, social media and email communication

The beauty of this approach is that once you’ve set it up, it runs itself. That means, if you’re creating ‘evergreen content’ (i.e. the kind of content that remains relevant for years), then you’ll be building a donor-attracting machine.

Here’s how the idea looks in a more visual format, that's called the ‘Content Marketing Fundraising Funnel’

Content marketing fundraising funnel

Making the Most of the Content Marketing Fundraising Funnel

As prospective donors discover your content, they begin their journey through the funnel. And for those that make it all the way through to the bottom of the funnel (which can take any time from a week through to many months), they’ve automatically become highly engaged with your cause along the way.

Here’s what the Content Marketing Fundraising Funnel can teach us:

  • The more share-worthy articles, blog posts, social media updates and other content you’ve got, the bigger the top of your funnel gets … and therefore, the more people you’ll attract. So spend time on your content, create loads of it, and do whatever it takes to make it compelling and attractive.
  • The quality of your download offer (e.g. a free eBook, infographic, tip sheet, printable poster etc.) will significantly impact the number of people who move down the funnel and become ‘engaged’ with your cause.
  • Spend time getting your automated email series right. Its job is to further align prospects to your cause and deepen their relationship with your organisation. And that means, when you do finally ask them for a donation, they’ll be much more likely to give.

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