Celebrating the Fundraiser

July 9, 2018 Louise Sparks

Working in the non-profit sector can be tough but amazing, difficult yet rewarding – all of these things and more.

At Blackbaud, we’ve always been close to the outstanding efforts made by fundraisers in charities of all sizes across the country – we work with them every day and get to see on an individual basis the remarkable things they do.

Now we have actual proof of the valuable contribution made by fundraisers – our recent survey of over 800 non-profits showed how vital fundraisers are to mission advancement and that fundraising is ranked first as the most important source of income.

The survey was conducted by Blackbaud in partnership with the Institute of Fundraising (IoF), and a huge proportion, 80%, of respondents said that they have a dedicated fundraising resource – and the report discovered that it was those charities who saw the most positive results.
The report showed that organisations with a fundraising team are more likely to have an income of over £1m. In addition to this, fundraising teams have demonstrated positive fiscal growth within charities, with 69% seeing their income increase year-on-year. This is in contrast to those without fundraisers, where less than half reported any growth at all.

Daniel Fluskey, Head of Policy and External Affairs, Institute of Fundraising, said: “The insight given by respondents shows that fundraising is an area which really does flourish when given the time, skills, and resources. Charities that succeed over the long term will be the ones that invest in their fundraising – and not solely in financial terms – this could be investment in skills, people, systems, or activity. Of course, that investment needs to be proportionate, but even for smaller organisations, finding the resource to give fundraising a boost should pay dividends in the future.”

We believe that fundraisers are vital to the social economy and provide an invaluable role to the non-profits their serve. We believe that fundraisers should be celebrated – so here are our thanks to the countless fundraisers in the UK who work tirelessly for their missions.

Thank you fundraisers!

To read the full report, visit http://hub.blackbaud.co.uk/npinsights/the-status-of-uk-fundraising-2018-benchmark-report

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