How to Make Your Mission Heard by the Masses

March 24, 2017 Charlie Davenport


Advocacy is a way to showcase your organisation’s mission while solving a problem at the same time. With a plan and resources, you can arm your biggest supporters with the tools they need to be stewards for your cause.

But how do you create an advocacy program that actually works? Read our 6 Key Takeaways and start sharing your mission today.


Key Takeaways for Creating Your Own Advocacy Program

  • Identify: What is it that you want your supporters to help spread the word about? This could be anything from helping raise money for a new program, to showcasing a new exhibit.
  • Inform: It’s important that your advocates have all the facts. Those are going to be their strongest weapon. Prepare them with material that outlines the issue and provide any facts and figures.
  • Social: Create a social campaign and draft posts with relevant hashtags that people can easily share with their own networks.
  • Top of Mind: Create a one-pager that outlines your mission, the cause being advocated for, and how others can help.
  • Give Thanks: Without your supporters, sharing your mission can only go so far. It’s with their passion that the word spreads about causes that are important to your organization—and to them. Make sure they know you appreciate everything they do to help advance your cause.


Advocacy in action

If you’ve never had an advocacy program at your organisation, here are a few pointers from the event that you can use as inspiration.

Let’s say you’re a cultural organisation, and want to build advocacy for the institution you support – whether that’s a museum, gallery, theatre or leisure facility. You might want to prepare materials that empower your supporters.


Provide your supporters with:

  • Briefs that outline key issues, such as the economic and social impacts of your organisation. Identify your key concerns so your supporters can spread the word.
  • Snapshots of your fundraising figures, campaigns and initiatives. Inform your supporters about the acitvity your undertaking, and the success it’s having.
  • Tips for speaking with new prospective supporters and institutions. Help your advocates spread your message by writing role play scenarios.
  • Provide highlight packs about the impact your institution has on communities, both locally and further afield. Keep your institution top of your supporter’s minds.


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