Industry Review - 2020

June 23, 2020

Download the 8th issue of the Industry Review: Employee Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility report and explore performance data collected and consolidated from the YourCause Employee Engagement platform, CSRconnect, between the dates of January through December of 2019.

You'll find trends, insights, and benchmark data often used to analyze a company's employee engagement and corporate social responsibility program. 

The goal of this report is to challenge traditional practices and shine a light on actionable data to help improve the support corporations provide to their employees and the nonprofit community. This Industry Review intends to encourage a better understanding of employee engagement and cross-program trends.

About YourCause

YourCause is Blackbaud's CSR management software. It's leveraged to support corporate philanthropy using  technology to build meaningful connections between corporations, employees, and nonprofits.

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Human Social Responsibility
Human Social Responsibility

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Virtual engagement strategies to keep employees connected
Virtual engagement strategies to keep employees connected

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