Virtual Events: 5 Tips to Success

By Lucy Squance, Director of Supporter-Led Fundraising, Alzheimer’s Research UK
Alzheimer’s Research have raised over £907k by creating the ‘Running Down Dementia’ initiative. Here are Lucy’s top five quick tips to Virtual Event success:
1. What do you want to achieve? 
Ensure you have a clear strategy, product plan and skilled team to deliver. Set short and long-term goals, KPIs and acceptable ROI.
2. Product
Keep the proposition simple and easy to understand; don’t overcomplicate it. 
Who is your target audience? What are their motivations? How does it fit with their everyday lives/connectivity to devices? Ask for feedback from your audience and test.
3. Marketing is king
At least 70% of the overall budget should be dedicated to this. Like any physical event virtual events require mass volumes of participants in order to hit targets.
4. Ensure first-class stewardship
Establish authentic relationships through online community groups, responsive and dedicated social media support and get to know your participants. Remittance and ongoing support doesn’t just happen. Communicate, incentivise and say thank you.
5. Demonstrate impact
What impact has an individual made, what impact has the community made? How has the product supported wider organisational objectives?
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