Grant-makers: New resources to help you rethink change

2020 has been a tough year for many, to say the least. This year’s dual pandemics of COVID-19 and racial injustice have presented many challenges, both personal and professional. The social good sector was greatly affected, from some organisations experiencing increased demand to others having to shut down and lose important revenue streams. And many people faced the challenges that came with the pivot to working remotely, many times with others in the household also working from home or attending school virtually. 

One thing that 2020 has reminded us is that change is constant and presents challenges that can be difficult to navigate, but success depends on attitude and perseverance. Social good professionals have shown themselves to be resilient and creative and have persevered forward. 

As we look at change being the new normal for the foreseeable future, we wanted to provide resources for social good professionals to continue to be resilient and effective in their jobs, and for organisations to continue to navigate in a way that helps them have an even greater impact. That’s why we’ve released our first-ever sgENGAGE eBook and webinar series.

Download the new eBook, Working in a Changing World: Expert Advice for Remaining Resilient and Impactful in a New Normal, for insights on effectively navigating the “new normal” with resilience and continued impact on your organization’s mission.

Download the eBook to get advice from experts on how to navigate the “new normal” with resilience and continued impact. Chapters include:

  • Managing Change in a Changing Workplace by Michael Reardon, Ph.D., Blackbaud
  • How to Be a Mindful Techie in a Changing World by Meico Whitlock, The Mindful Techie
  • The Interpersonal Skills Needed to Engage and Grow in Today’s Changing Workplace by Anne Converse Willkomm, Assistant Dean of the Graduate College at Drexel University
  • Building a Race Equity Culture from Equity in the Center
  • Planning Without a New Normal by Jonathan Star, Scenario Insight

Originally written and posted by Christine Newman on Blackbaud's sgENGAGEe Blog

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