The Root of Change 2020

April 7, 2020

Managing Successful Initiatives in Social Good Organizations

Change is upon us. It’s up to us to bring out our best selves.
From unprecedented global events to incremental initiatives like strategic planning, organizations near and far are grappling with how to navigate change. At the heart of it all, leaders must think progressively about the human element of these changes.

This white paper, from the Blackbaud Institute, explores how your organization can address the human element of your next change initiative. As you grow your awareness of how to define change, analyze potential impacts, and set expectations, you can lay the foundation for success in managing your next change.

Start reading to discover:

  • How to identify, address, and manage the human element of change initiatives
  • How to thoughtfully communicate changes with staff and stakeholders
  • How to maintain momentum throughout a change initiative

About Blackbaud Institute

The Blackbaud Institute brings together the best minds in philanthropy to develop and share leading-edge research and insight that accelerates the impact of the social good community.



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