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5 Questions to Ask Your Grant Management Technology Vendor

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CAN I USE ONE SYSTEM TO MANAGE OUR ENTIRE GRANT LIFECYCLE? When the goal is to affect real change for the causes and communities you support, you should be spending the least amount of time possible on paperwork. From working with your applicants and reviewing proposals to making awards, tracking progress, and more, look for a solution that can streamline and simplify grants management. CAN THE SYSTEM HELP US TRACK AND MEASURE OUTCOMES? Philanthropy is transforming, and foundations across the sector are investing in the shift from focusing on "How many dollars did we give?" to "What outcomes have our dollars achieved?" Refining your approach to tracking and measurement doesn't happen overnight, and you need powerful tools to enable you to build your outcomes measurement maturity. IS THE SYSTEM CUSTOMIZED OR CONFIGURABLE? When it comes to software, this is an important distinction. With a customized platform, you're in a peer group of one with a static system, and software updates are typically infrequent, time- consuming, and costly. With a configurable solution, implementation is quicker; system updates are much smoother, more frequent, and usually free; and you've got a built-in community to tap for best practices. CAN THE SYSTEM KEEP OUR DATA SECURE? It should come as no surprise that storing your foundation's sensitive data in standalone spreadsheets isn't exactly the most secure method. When you look at a technology vendor to power your operations, ask how much the company is investing in data security and encryption, as well as evidence of compliance and certifications to validate the answers. DOES THE SYSTEM SUPPORT COLLABORATION AND ONGOING LEARNING? When it comes to achieving your mission, you don't want to go at it alone. Look for foundation management technology that supports your efforts to collaborate effectively with grantees and other partners and that provides access to a community of like-minded change-makers to promote continual learning and advancement of industry best practices. 1 3 2 4 5 FOUNDATION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE CONFIDENCE TOOL Five Questions to Ask Your Grant Management Technology Vendor Every non-profit has a unique mission. What stands in your way on the path to achieving it? We don't want it to be technology. Your grants management software should be doing its job to support you in achieving your mission as you focus on building a better tomorrow. Ask your technology vendor—or your team—the following five questions to see if you could be getting more from the software powering your foundation. Ready to ask these questions? We've got the answers 0207 601 7100 October 2017

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