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Gaming for Good: 5 Top Tips Want to get involved with the latest social good digital trend? Here are JustGiving's Natasha Stone's top tips to getting started with Gaming for Good: Reach out to your community Do you have people already gaming for you? What time of gaming events do your community want to take part in? Look at the gaming calendar Are you planning your event the same day that the biggest international gaming conference is on? If so, there might not be many people around to take part in your event! Use your connections Does the guy in marketing's sister's-brother's-uncle know a professional gamer? GREAT! Try and get them involved in your event! Similarly, does your dad know someone that works for a gaming company? Even better, bring them along! Don't be disheartened if the first event isn't a big donation drive It can take a while to build awareness and gain repeat gamers that want to raise for your cause. Building awareness is half the battle when it comes to this type of fundraising, but luckily because the overheads aren't as intimidating as most physical events, you can afford to give yourself the freedom to test, fail fast and learn quickly. Social is your biggest friend Twitter is a particularly good social network to engage gamers and having a strong social media plan to advertise your event is key. But you don't need to have a team of 20 heading up your social media to make this work. You just need to engage, excite and delight your fundraisers to drive interest for your event. You can reach out to different gaming channels on Twitter and ask them to promote your event to their network to widen your reach. 1 2 3 4 5 1 +44 (0) 207 601 7100 | |

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