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Bonus Tips for Choosing a CRM Solution Choosing the right CRM software can be tricky. Where should you start? What should you prioritise? What vendor should you go with? Identify your needs and match them to the solution best suited for you. Review your internal processes, build a business case and get fully prepared before making your investment. Understand Your Requirements: Invest time in carefully reviewing and documenting current and new requirements, clearly distinguishing between priority items and nice-to-haves. Share these with your potential suppliers so they have a full understanding of your requirements and can plan accordingly. Make a Business Case: Document your business case for moving to a new solution and confirm the overall goals you are looking to achieve. These are valuable for a supplier's understanding and scoping process and they can then be reviewed internally post go-live to confirm whether goals have been achieved. Team Up: CRM implementation projects will require involvement from internal resources to define requirements and test. Understand the level of involvement and skillset required to undertake these tasks effectively. Evaluate internal resource capacity and skillset in advance, and plan for the additional effort required, either using internal resources or leveraging additional support from the supplier. Appoint a Project Manager: This resource will be responsible for managing the project internally—coordinating resources and ensuring that tasks are completed on time—and is key to ensuring a smooth implementation. Timeframe: Be realistic in terms of timeframe. It is not within your supplier's interest to extend the timeline so follow recommendations based on your team's resource capacity and skillset. 1 +44 (0) 207 601 7100 | |

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