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CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT The Bendrigg Trust For 40 years Bendrigg Trust has focused on challenging perceptions of disabled and disadvantaged people. Volunteers have supported their staff by helping to deliver high-quality courses and supporting people with physical, sensory, or learning disabilities, encompassing a whole range of abilities and ages. It takes £500,00o in donations and over 150 volunteers to keep vital services running and allow the Bendrigg Trust to support 3,000 disabled or disadvantaged individuals each year. The Bendrigg Trust is powered by: Blackbaud eTapestry ® Bendrigg Trust relies on technology to improve fundraising. Moving from an 'access database system' to a fundraising and relationship management solution for any nonprofit is a significant move. The key considerations for the Bendrigg Trust were: • Cost—initial and ongoing—gaining the buy-in from Trustees to commit to a monthly spend on a CRM system and convince them of the value • Software usability—the system would be used by a variety of staff members and volunteers, so it needed to be easy to pick up and intuitive • Scalability—a system that was a good fit now, and that they weren't going to outgrow quickly "The whole system gives us more insight into our supporters just at the touch of a button." —Sarah Garman, Senior Fundraising and Marketing Officer "Blackbaud eTapestry seemed to be the most user-friendly. It was good for us in terms of our size, and we weren't going to outgrow it too quickly. It just seemed like a really good fit." —Sarah Garman, Senior Fundraising and Marketing Officer 1 +44 (0) 203 932 1600 | |

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