The Status of UK Fundraising - 2019 Report

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+44 (0) 207 601 7100 | | 2 Foreword Fundraisers are among the most positive, resilient, and forward-looking people that I know, and it is a great privilege to work with them every day and see first-hand how they are taking on the challenges that we see to put in place the right foundations for success in the future. And I'm delighted that this 2019 edition of Status of UK Fundraising is showing that those in fundraising say that they enjoy their job, hardly any are looking for a role outside of the sector, and that two thirds are positive about the future of the sector as a whole. We know that there has, and continues to be, a difficult operating environment for charities and fundraising, with the combination of political and economic uncertainty, the need to keep up with technology changes and expectations of the public, as well as the ever-present need to show value for money and cost effectiveness, all coming together to provide a testing set of circumstances. While each charity is working on meeting and overcoming these challenges for themselves, it is only through pieces of research like this that we get to step away from the day to day and look at what is happening across the sector, which is why I'm really pleased that we've been able to continue the relationship with Blackbaud and produce this research. Alongside the findings on fundraisers positive feelings about their role and jobs, I was struck again by how key the elements of planning, investment, and strategy are to fundraising success. People and skills are essential – fundraisers who said their charity's income had decreased were much more likely to say it was because they were not resourced effectively or did not 4 Section 1: Key Findings 7 Section 2: Income and Strategy 11 Section 3: GDPR – The Aftermath 14 Section 4: Digital 18 Section 5: Diversity in the Sector 22 Section 6: The Future of Fundraising 28 Conclusion Contents

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