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End-of-Year Toolkit Clean Up Your Data To ensure the success of your End-of-Year campaign, you need to look closely at your database. Now is the time to make sure that you're using best practices to allow this powerful tool to work for you. The following are processes you should have in place to get your data in great shape: Address Standardisation This process validates addresses against Royal Mail's Postal Address File (PAF) guaranteeing the quality of the data being added. National Change of Address (NCOA) About 6,000,000 people move house every year, and many have their post forwarded to their new address via Royal Mail. Leverage this data to ensure you don't lose contact with individuals who are moving address. 1 020 3932 1600 | | Goneaways Some individuals make use of the Royal Mail's forwarding service but opt-out of sharing their new address. Whilst this means you cannot trace their new address, you can still append their constituent record with a 'Goneaway' attribute, so at least you know not to contact them at their old address. At the very least, this helps you to save the time and money associated with mailing individuals at the same address. Deceased Suppression An organisation will lose 2-3% of its house file each calendar year on average due to constituent deaths. Deceased suppression identifies and flags any supporters who have passed away, which keeps the database updated and avoids potentially insensitive communications. This should be a priority out of respect but if that's not enough incentive, it will also safeguard your brand.

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