How to Choose a CRM

3 ways the Cloud Will Benefit your Fundraising

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Why a Cloud-based CRM is Essential WHAT IS THE CLOUD? Access your data anywhere A cloud-based CRM solution means you can access your data from wherever you are. All you need is internet access, whether that's on a laptop, tablet or phone – you can log-in and see everything you need. Productive remote working It means working in an office is not the only place you can get done what you need to – your organisation can work flexibly from home, remotely if they are out and about meeting supporters – basically they can work anywhere. Integrate with your other software systems A cloud-based CRM will typically enable data to flow seamlessly and automatically between your CRM and other systems your use. It will do this via industry-standard APIs (Application Programming Interface). This means all your data stays accurate across your systems, with very little manual work required. 3 WAYS IT CAN BENEFIT YOUR FUNDRAISING 01 02 03 The 'cloud' is simply a metaphor for the internet. And a cloud-based service is any programme you either log into or access over the web – think your Gmail account, Spotify or Netflix. More than 90% of non‑profit organisations are using cloud computing today, so its likely that your organisation has already made the leap to cloud based services in some way.

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