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End-Of-Year Fundraising Toolkit Create A Donor Stewardship Journey Once someone has given to your organisation, whether they are a first-time or re-engaged donor, it is essential that you take steps to solidify their relationship with you and your mission. Start working stewardship into everything you do. Don't hesitate to invest the time or people power into mapping out a great donor journey as it will be more cost-effective overall to cultivate repeat support from someone who is already familiar with your mission versus finding new, motivated supporters. Below, you'll find seven great stewardship ideas. Choose at least three, bearing in mind that you should test a variety of channels and donor touch points to see which prove to be the most effective with your supporters. Handwritten Notes Traditional thank you methods are often overlooked in favour of faster, glossier alternatives. However, handwritten notes convey a personal level of care that will help your organisation to stand out. It won't be practical to send a note to each individual donor, so focus on sending them at least once a year to specific donor groups, such as your major donors. Thank You Calls Call your donors to say thank you, taking a few minutes to ask how they are and to tell them about the exciting plans your organisation has coming up. The call doesn't have to be long – research shows that donors who receive a short call within two days of giving are four times more likely to give to you again. E-Newsletters E-newsletters have become the backbone of most stewardship programmes for a good reason: they are easy to create and affordable to send. Many organisations have found that sending monthly e-newsletters increases donor retention, volunteering, and member involvement. 1 2 3 1 020 3932 1600 | |

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