End-of-Year Building Messaging Worksheet

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T 0207 601 7100 E W Use this worksheet to create the building blocks for your end-of-year messaging. 1. In one sentence, why should donors support your organisation? This will be the case statement for your campaign. 2. Try rewriting your sentence from step 1 in a way that frames the donor as the hero of your story. For example: Instead of saying "Our organization is accomplishing X…" say "Donors like you are accomplishing X…" 3. Think about your ask amounts. Brainstorm three ask amounts that are tied to a tangible impact. For example: "£25 buys one backpack for a kid in need" or "£5 supports a meal for a homeless vet" Ask Amount Tangible Impact 1. 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. 4. Making the connection between donations and impact is critical to moving supporters to give. Think about one story of meaningful impact on your mission. Write it here in a way that frames the donor as the hero of the story. When a supporter reads your appeals, he or she is asking, "How can I make a difference?" Your messaging should clearly answer that question. Pin this completed worksheet up near your desk as you write all your mailings. Remember to incorporate each of these elements for the most effective appeal! BUILDING YOUR END-OF-YEAR MESSAGING

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