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TOP TRENDS IN SCHOLARSHIP MANAGEMENT AND DONOR STEWARDSHIP FOR 2018 Learn what scholarship and stewardship professionals are looking forward to in 2018! Scholarships play a big role on campus Scholarship managers have big goals in 2018 85% of scholarship professionals feel as if scholarships contribute to key initiatives on campus • Student success and retention • Improved donor stewardship • Improved student experience How? Using Technology to Improve Scholarship Management and Donor Stewardship Lofty Goals for Donor Stewardship in 2018 73% of colleges and universities are using technology in some way to manage scholarships. 20% of colleges and universities will be investing in new technology in 2018 In 2018, 20% of colleges and universities are looking to provide students with a single communication channel, including financial aid package and scholarship awards. This is down 10% from 2017, when 30% of colleges and universities were making this a priority. 54% want to improve their review process in 2018* 50% want to collect more scholarship applications and create larger applicant pools to choose from 46% want to make awards faster 46% 50% 54% *Scholarship managers want to make sure that reviewers are not the reason for delays in scholarship awarding. Technology is being implemented to bring reviews online to improve security in the reviewing process. 38% want to collect more information from scholarship recipients to share with donors 34% want to collect a higher number of thank you letters from scholarship recipients 31% want to collect information from scholarship recipients using online tools 29% want to improve communication methods with their colleagues in the financial aid office* *It is great to hear the donor relations department wants to work closely with the financial aid office not only to improve donor stewardship, but also to provide an easier process for applicants. Colleges and universities are looking to collaborative technology to improve communication methods! DRUMROLL PLEASE... The answer is... impactful donor stewardship! So, what is the hottest trend in scholarship management and donor stewardship? Over 25% of respondents stated that they can't stop talking about more impactful ways to steward their donors The traditional thank you letter is not going to drive donors to stay involved and continue to give, so stewardship professionals must think beyond the thankyou letter 800.443.9441 @ So, what are colleges and universities doing? Asking students to answer creative questions that outline the impact of their scholarship showing greater impact than a thank you letter Creating ways for students and donors to meet and connect outside of the traditional scholarship banquet event Asking students to record thank you videos to share with the donor Creating online portals that allow donors constant access to see the ongoing impact they have had in the lives of students at your institution Streamlined Automation of Scholarship Awards, Applications Reviews, and Campus Communications Best of luck with your scholarship and stewardship efforts this year from all of us at Blackbaud. It is obvious that spreadsheets, emails, and meetings are no longer going to cut it in order to have a great scholarship process. Technology that provides automation to the scholarship process makes it easy to award scholarships to students. This can help ensure full-fund utilization as key staff members become busier with more strategic tasks. Chat with us 2017 2018 30% 20%

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