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Tipsheet: Stop Sifting Through Grant Applications

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TIPSHEET Spending All Your Time Sifting Through Grant Applications? Move away from a paper application process Paper grant application processes are a time drain. You wait for applications to arrive in the mail. You check them for accuracy. Mail them back when applications are incomplete. Then wait for the revised application. Manually enter the data into spreadsheets—which opens the door for human error. Then send the decision letter or award packet to applicants in the mail. The entire process can take weeks or even months. However, if you move to an online grants management solution with an online application, applications ow in electronically, you can electronically route them to remote reviewers, and essentially complete all necessary steps in a fraction of the time. 1 Learn how to expedite the grant application process while minimising ineligible and incomplete applications. How many grant applications do you receive per year? A survey looking at over 1,000 giving organisations of all types and sizes revealed that the average foundation receives over 550 grant applications annually. And if you receive anywhere close to that many, odds are that you are spending a disproportionate amount of time processing applications. Time that could be better spent thinking strategically. But how can you minimise the time you spend processing grant applications? Read on for some best practices for streamlining your application process. Power your organisation with: • Blackbaud Grantmaking Learn more Reduce the number of incomplete applications you receive Many organisations receive far too many incomplete grant applications. Applicants miss required elds or inadvertently leave other elds blank, forcing you to go back and forth with them to get the information you need, pulling your time away from more important tasks. But with an online application process, you can mark certain elds required, preventing applicants from submitting anything less than a complete application. And the right online grants management solution will guide the applicant through the process, ensuring accurate applications every time. The fewer incomplete applications you have to wrestle with, the more time you get back to focus on ful lling your organisation's mission. 2 +44 (0) 207 601 7100

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