Infographic: GDPR for Development and Alumni

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GDPR for development and alumni An integrated ecosystem: Think about how to integrate relevant data across your ecosystem of solutions. Ask (challenge!) your suppliers to help you with this process. Eliminate silos and beware of spreadsheets. Sharing relevant data appropriately strengthens data privacy. Invest in technology that helps you scale: Explore ways to do things more effectively and efficiently. Advocate to key stakeholders how and why technology and data is an enabler of advancement success, and seek out solutions that streamline processes. Tailored approaches: Adjust your approach for different types of supporter, and try different things to see what works best. Act on insights and refine and personalise your interactions over time. Ask for feedback: Don't just ask for consent or preferences; ask your supporters what they think of the broader experience and how it could be improved. This is ultimately about giving them more power in the relationship. There are many technology- and data-influenced risk factors to consider in relation to GDPR, with some examples listed here; however, with every risk there is also an opportunity to enhance the supporter experience. Disjointed data: Any lack of data integration within your institution could bring risks – for example, when one area receives opt-in or opt-out information but a lack of coordinated systems means other departments, on separate databases, do not reflect it in their processes. Challenges of scale: The large volume of data changes to be managed internally could become unwieldy. If systems are not robust you may inadvertently expose your supporters to various data management challenges Trying to fit one size: Your Advancement team is likely to be working with a variety of supporter types, ages and geographies. Different groups will have different expectations for engagement, so a one-size- fits-all approach is unlikely to suit. Confusion: Lack of clarity about what a supporter is (or is not) subscribing/ed to, and why they (don't) receive communications of a specific nature, could lead to frustrations. Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Risk Risk Risk Risk 02 03 04 01

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