Infographic: GDPR for Development and Fundraisers - part 2

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GDPR for development and fundraisers Agree relationship management practices: The supporter experience needs to be backed by strong but flexible internal relationship management protocols. Critically, the purpose of a relationship manager is not to be a 'gatekeeper' but to be a coordinator. Reasonability: If your starting point is assessing the reasonability of everything you do from the supporter's perspective, you cannot go too far wrong. Always ask, if they saw this data you hold about them, what would they think? (As they're entitled to at any time!) Long-term relationship-building: B alance any short-term targets with longer-term objectives. Ensure that, at each step, your engagement with supporters is strengthening lifelong ties. Use technology to track both financial and non- financial KPIs. Invest in the supporter experience: Regardless of which lawful basis you use for a given type of processing, get started now on ways to enhance the supporter experience. Invest time, money and resource towards getting this right. There are many technology- and data-influenced risk factors to consider in relation to GDPR, with some examples listed here; however, with every risk there is also an opportunity to enhance the supporter experience. Free-for-all relationships: Data and technology access that is not underpinned by institutional policies risks inappropriate behaviour and greater exposure to complaints/damaged relationships. Unreasonable expectations: Doing unreasonable things with anyone's data inherently brings significant risk. Short-termism: Regardless of whether your lawful basis is legitimate interests or consent, and what technologies you use, if short-term financial targets are the only driver, then you risk damaging long-term relationships. Doing nothing: Due to other risks, there may be temptation to do or change nothing. However, standing still is not an option. Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Risk Risk Risk Risk 01 02 03 04

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