How to harness the power of millennials

Charlie Davenport

There’s no doubt about it, millennials are disrupting the fundraising landscape. As the lines between their social and working lives become increasingly blurred and young professionals continue to become more connected than ever, it can be hard to genuinely engage this group of potential fundraisers.

Their expectations from you as a charity are influenced by an interactive and social state of mind. A deeper level of engagement, connection and technology are all required to keep a millennial’s attention throughout a fundraising process. 

Peer-to-peer fundraising is seeing a shift in the interactions between fundraiser and charity, tying health and fitness, and workplace CSR schemes, closely into the process. Last year, Yahoo reported an 88% growth in fitness and health related apps. In fact, one in three millennials share their health and fitness related content online at least once a week. Given the huge importance that charities now place on fitness events, there is an obvious bridge between millennial fundraisers and your organisation.

One of the biggest challenges for a charity is understanding and acting on the needs of this demographic. They expect to be able to raise, or give, online through a platform that meets their high technological standards – not to mention the endorphin-release they desire from sharing their social contributions with their peers. That feeling of satisfaction through making a difference and being able to share with others is a major part of their fundraising process which, in turn, can attract brand new donors to your cause.

These desires are also met in the workplace, with 89% of millennial employees wanting to be active participants in helping their company be a responsible business and actively support good causes[1]. This is something that might have a big impact on your corporate partnerships strategy this year. Thanks to CSR you have the opportunity to build a real loyalty to your cause, cultivate repeat donors and enrol a fundraiser into your digital fundraising ecosystem.

The key to harnessing millennials is to bridge the gap between technologies. Creating a seamless fundraising journey, from spark to fundraising via physical effort and social media sharing.

Next week, we will explore what that fundraising journey looks like and everydayhero’s innovations in 2017 that will change the way millennials interact with your organisation through a new type of interactive fundraising campaign.

[1] Cone Communications Millenial Employee Engagement Study, 2016

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