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Raiser's Edge NXT - Lists

July 18, 2019

Segment your supporters easier than ever before!

See how the new list builder in Raiser’s Edge NXT can make building your fundraising campaigns simple in our 3 minute video. 

Save time by segmenting your donor base like never before, from map filtering to segmenting by interest or giving history. Make sure you’re sending the right supporters the right message at the right time!

Interested in seeing the full functionality Raiser's Edge NXT has to offer? Then watch the full product tour! 

You can see more Raiser's Edge NXT feature videos by visiting our video hub. All videos are between 5-15 minutes, which allows you to quickly see examples of new or enhanced functionality. 

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Raiser's Edge NXT - Help Facility
Raiser's Edge NXT - Help Facility

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