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Raiser's Edge NXT - Work Centre

June 17, 2019

Start working smarter with Raiser's Edge NXT

Whether you're a fundraiser, database administrator or CEO, see how Raiser's Edge NXT’s work centre shows you the info you care about in our 10 minute video.

From alerts and prompts personalised to your job role, through to drill down views of each constituent, gift or action. Follow-up on opportunities like never before with dynamic tasks and actions for both yourself and your wider team.

Interested in seeing the full functionality Raiser's Edge NXT has to offer? Then watch the full product tour! 

You can see more Raiser's Edge NXT feature videos by visiting our video hub. All videos are between 5-15 minutes, which allows you to quickly see examples of new or enhanced functionality. 

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Raiser's Edge NXT - Constituent Profile
Raiser's Edge NXT - Constituent Profile

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