Keys to Improving Your Awarding Process

March 12, 2018 Guest Author

The time of awarding scholarships can be one of the busiest times of year. While this time has the potential to be overwhelming, we want to provide you with some of the best practices we’ve picked up over the years to help you create an efficient and productive awarding process. Consider these tips while you’re preparing for your award season:

Centralise your data to increase efficiency

Very often, we come across schools that have a decentralised scholarship process. They have multiple departments overseeing scholarship awarding and no single way to get the job done efficiently. It’s important to keep all data in the same spot and allow it to update in real-time to ensure that everyone involved in the scholarship process is on the same page.

Focus on your applicants

Instead of awarding based on your scholarships, look at each student to have a full view of what their overall need is and what they are most qualified for. This is useful in that it allows you to find the best scholarships for each student and provides some context around your awarding decisions.

Finding the perfect match

Applicant based awarding allows you to see all the awards a student has matched with and base your final decision on which ones they are most qualified for according to award requirements. This lets you to find the best possible match for each award, allowing you to stay compliant with award requirements and make your donors happy by finding the best person to receive those funds.

See the full picture

Awarding by looking at your applicants allows you to see the full picture and make awarding decisions with some context in mind. You can see all a student’s data as well as what awards they have already received, ensuring that you are not over-awarding. It also allows you to skip over students who have already received awards and move on to more qualified students still in need.

Awarding can often be a busy and stressful time of year but by centralising all of your student data and focusing on your applicants when making final awards, you can save time, streamline your process, and make the best awards possible.

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